10x DIS Instant Meth Test Kits $139 GST inclu



5 x 0.5µg/100cm2  –  Mid-Range Sensitivity

5 x 1.5µg/100cm2  –  NZ 8510 NZ Standard


Contents of Screening Kit:

  • 10  Meth Testing Kit Cassette
  • 10   Liquid Buffer
  • 10  Sterilized Swab
  • 1   Cardboard Templates 10 x 10
  • 1   Instruction Sheet

D.I.S DIY Meth Testing Kit

SKU: 1
  • - To use the instant meth testing kits you do not need any experience, the kits are designed to be used by everyday people & give fast results (5 Minutes).


    - Our kits are highly accurate and will detect extremely low levels of methamphetamine surface contamination.


    - Exceeds the New Zealand & Australian Ministry of Health's contamination level guidelines for properties


    - Extreme sensitivity for surfaces: able to detect residues as low as 0.5 µg /100cm²


    - Faster test results: analysis in 5 to maximum of 10 minutes


    - Certainty in detection of Methamphetamine's overall reliability greater than 97%


    - Able to identify areas that are contaminated & eliminate costly laboratory Analysis tests areas that got a negative results during the initial screening test.


    - Specifically designed for Australia & New Zealand demographics & validated by independent laboratory every 6 months to ensure consistent high quality product.


    Low risk of False Positives/negatives and cannot be fooled by common cleaning agents such as Ajax and bleach

From the beginning, Drug Inspection Specialists have been a result oriented Drug & Alcohol Testing Service.

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